John started training in 1971 with Maxi Bowman in Braybrook. Then in 1972 he went to train Thai Kwon Do with Mr Oh in the City. After training there for a little while he decided to move on as he didn't find what he liked and went to Zen Do Kai Karate in Elizabeth St Melbourne in 1973, where he trained for many years under the guidance of Bob Jones and Richard Norton. He became one of Richard Nortons first Black Belts. During this time he started to teach Zen Do Kai in Sunshine as a brown belt. John continued to train and teach for may years until he became a 5th Degree black belt. John starting training and competing in kickboxing in 1983 and then Bob Jones introduced Muay Thai in 1986 to John who then started to incorporate Muay Thai in his kickboxing training. He trained many champions during this time. Ultimate gym in St Albans is the head of Ultimate Muay Thai. John has also competed in many Karate tournaments winning the Victorian Title in his weight division. He also fought kickboxing in the mid 80's. John has a great rapor with young students who come in and are a bit shy and reserved. He enjoys watching students grow in confidence and brings them on to stand proud in classes. He has trained numerous students up to State, Aust, Commonwealth, South Pacific and World Champions. Licensed Professional Kickboxing Trainer (Combat Sports Board of Australia) Licensed Professional Boxing Trainer ( Victorian Amateur Boxing Association) Licensed Professional Boxing Trainer ( Victorian Amateur Boxing League) Licensed Professional Muay Thai Trainer Licensed Professional Martial Artist Licensed Kickboxing Judge, Referee, Matchmaker and Promotor Certificate 4 in fitness 5th Degree Black Belt Zen Do Kai John was recognised by his peers by winning the Blitz hall of fame award for Trainer of the Year' in 1997.