Head trainer of Ultimate Martial Arts, John Scida, started his training in the Zen Do Kai system in 1972 under the watchful eye of Richard Norton and Bob Jones. John developed a keen interest in weapons training and by the late 70’s had mastered the sai, nunchaku and katana.

In 1984 John was introduced to kickboxing where he enjoyed a successful fighting career during the mid to late 80’s. It was during this time that he also performed many demonstrations to pioneer the art of kickboxing.

Since then, John has pursued a path in training and has evolved into a leader or martial arts in the western suburbs. He is well known and respected for his contribution to the community in Sunshine, where in conjunction with the Sunshine Police, he runs the Police and Youth Citizens club. The foundations of the club were based on the ideology that combative sports would appeal to the youth of the west, and by putting all their energy into sport, would reduce the ever-increasing crime rate in the area.

John was recently recognised by his peers by winning the Blitz hall of fame award for Trainer of the Year’ in 1998.

Amongst many of John’s feats is the long line of successful fighters he has trained. To date, John has trained close to 30 state, commonwealth and world champions in boxing, kickboxing and muay thai.

While Ultimate Martial Arts was founded in karate and later Muay Thai and kickboxing, the development of boxing was an obvious progressions with the professionalism of muay thai and kickboxing. It became evident that kickboxers needed to develop their hand skills to get the cutting edge and boxing would give them the skill development required. Boxing training became an integral part of the training curriculum and resulted in much success for fighters. Boxing not only develops great hand skills, but also teaches you the necessary defensive techniques and footwork.

The boxing component become popular and evolved into a completely separate entity from the kickboxing, muay thai and other martial arts offered. Many of the junior kickboxers are encouraged to get experience in the ring with amateur boxing and to master the skill of the hands before incorporating legs.
Boxing at Ultimate Martial Arts is a separate entity in its own right. Many of our fighters train in both sectors to make them better all round fighters and with excellent results.



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